Summer at Bjelašnica

Summer at Bjelašnica

When the winter season ends, activities at Ski center are prolonging on the summer season, and for that purpose, all Bjelašnica resources are enabled for further usage.

All of the visitors at “Babin Do” – Bjelašnica, during the summer, can rent football and tennis courts, tennis rackets, bicycles as well as the panoramic sightseeing with a Chairlift. Catering services of the “Benneton” restaurant are available for all the visitors.

The biggest attraction and interest of domestic and foreign visitors is a panoramic sightseeing of Bjelašnica plateau by 6-seat or 4-seat Chairlift. 

Paragliding, cycling, quad riding, are some of the other activities available to visitors at this location.

At Bjelašnica you can try extreme sports like gravity ride and paragliding. “Babin Do” is an excellent starting point for exploring the traditional Bosnian mountain villages and their culture. Authentic villages can be found in less than an hour ride from “Babin Do”. Different fairs, events and competitions are often helft at “Babin Do” which can hold up to 10.000 people.   

For those who are brave and eager for bigger adventures on bikes, there are alpine skiing trails, as well as the technological trails at Bjelašnica in depth over 30 km with maximum inclines/drops up to 60% that lead to the very top of the mountain Bjelašnica at the height of 2064 m.